The First Ever Teo Heng Ware House Sale

Our 33rd Birthday is Finally Here!

Singing at Home is MORE Affordable than you think!

And it’s easy too!

If you love singing at home, we would love you to enjoy our 33rd Anniversary Special – valid for the entire month of October!

Bring back the magic of Teo Heng for as low as $799 with our NEWEST Home Karaoke Set. Expect the exact same Teo Heng dashboard that every Singaporean will know and love. Browse a wide variety of genres from English songs, Chinese songs, Malay songs, Hokkien songs, Korean songs and more! All updated weekly FREE for you!

Introducing Our Newest Home Karaoke Set.

Our Well-Loved Mini Boss Series.

It’s small, it’s mini but it’s probably the most advanced best-in-class home KTV made for Singaporean homes.

Our Wasuka Midnight and Snow

Proudly presenting our latest flagship home karaoke system- The Wasuka Snow Series and Wasuka Midnight Series. Get #SuperiorSoundQuality that is ABSOLUTELY brilliant in every way!

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